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Let the panoramic landscape take centre stage! Elevate your living space for your next Zoom Meeting!

Bringing the outdoors inside with EINS A!

These days, it feels like we all live on Zoom, whether for team check-ins, client meetings, cocktail hours, book clubs or your next brunch with friends and family. Opt for a virtual background by EINS A instead!

Opt for a space that creates rooms which are flooded with light and seamlessly open out into nature. You will notice our elegant profiles that let light flood through the large areas of glass; the crisp, clean lines that subtly complement today’s lifestyles. 

To download an image, hover over it and right click to save to your documents. To upload to Zoom, open the application and click on Settings.  Navigate to the “Virtual Background” option and upload and select the image from your folder.

Explore the other options for enabling a virtual background with

Let's get connected!

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